Frank Mastrianno, M.D.

ReNu U Aesthetics and Testimonials

October 10, 2018
In addition to my primary care practice, I have become particularly interested in aesthetic medicine and have added this feature to my practice. I have taken courses in this field and have found that I am innately talented in facial sculpturing with Botox and dermal fillers. I have become very successful in this area and enjoy the immediate gratification of taking years off of a client's face, often after only one session. My clients have been very satisfied with their results and I welcome any feedback.
I can be contacted at the same location with the same telephone number and email address, however, this is a separate business and will fall under the title, "Re Nu U Aesthetics" and will not be covered by your medical insurance. I will be charging less than a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist for my services and the first consultation is free.     

Beutiful woman with dark hair, almond shaped eyes, plump red lips, with surounding flowers around her head

I always had people asking me if I was tired. I realize it was the lines on my face. After getting treatment for these lines and filling them in, I now look younger and no one asks if I'm tired! I've had Botox for the lines between my eyes and juverderm for the lines next to my mouth. What a difference. And the best part is, it is almost painless, I'm a coward about needles.
Dr. Mastrianno is artistic in his approach to this treatment and very gentle in his touch. I'm hooked, better then considering a facelift.

I was referred to Dr. Mastrianno by a friend. I noticed the difference in her face and complimented her on how great she looked. She then told me about the treatments she received from the Dr. Mastrianno. I made an appt. and spent time with the Dr. Mastrianno going over the lines I wanted to erase, as well as some small scarring on my face. I was so very happy with the results. I have gotten many remarks from others saying how good I look. Dr. Mastrianno has a very keen eye. He knows exactly where to place the filler and botox. I highly recommend him .

I have had Botox and Juvederm treatments with Dr. Mastrianno two times and I love the results. I was very nervous the first time but Dr. Mastrianno is so professional and patient; he really took his time with me. I am from California and found him one time when I was visiting the East coast and came back a second time! With the results I have had with Dr. Mastrianno, there is no reason to go to any other doctor.

I have gone three times to Dr. Mastrianno for both Juvederm and Botox. I am completely thrilled with the results. I did have fillers done with another Dr. before I went to Dr. Mastrianno so I have a comparable. Dr. Mastrianno is far superior. I can say unequivocably that Dr. Mastrianno took years off of my face. He took the time and had the patience to study my lines and he really knew where to put the filler and the amount to use. I am so happy to have found him. 


New Jersey Top Doctor 2018

August 18, 2018

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New Jersey Top Doctor 2017

August 3, 2017

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New Jersey Top Doctor 2016

December 15, 2016

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Joined Linkedin

August 17, 2016
More information about my work experience can now be found on Linkedin.

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Joined the HackensackUMC ACO

August 15, 2016
The Hackensack Alliance Accountable Care Organization (ACO) was established to participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), which is designed to reduce the growth in Medicare expenditures through the development of a patient centered care model that focuses on providing high quality services and medical care. 
This means that the quality of care for patients will improve by enforcing preventative care, monitoring problems better in the office and coordinating family and home heal...

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